The Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown

This novel is a worldwide bestseller of the last decade sold over eighteen million copies. Brown\’s book caused both admiration and outrage in the world , because the author addresses issues of the catholic church as well as religious sects.
In many countries, including Poland, the book was criticized by church authorities. Dan Brown included in the novel few theses from which the Catholic Church is absolutely cut off. According to what we read in “The Da Vinci Code”, Mary Magdalene was pregnant with Jesus Christ and she and her unborn child were the Holy Grail and gave a birth to the Merovingian dynasty prevailing at the beginning of the formation of France.

Another theory is saying that the Catholic Church is anti-woman and has a justification in the New Testament. Furthermore, the New Testament, should contain a lot more gospel than is known from the descriptions of the four evangelists. Jesus was not God declared when he was born, but in 325 year when it was decided at the council, and announced by the Emperor Constantine. In the novel, authorities of the Catholic Church are well aware of all this, but try not to allow that the truth saw the light of day. Standing on guard of these secrets is Opus Dei.

Although the novel was categorized as a fiction literature, it still made a lot of confusion in the world. On the basis of the book, eagerly watched film of the same title was made in 2006, with Tom Hanks in the lead role. Few books and lots of newspaper articles were written about “The Da Vinci Code”, aimed to confirm or refute the statements contained in Brown\’s novel. According to the church, this novel is nothing but a bunch of lies, but anyone who reads it, begins to wonder about their faith, and this is probably more valuable than saying meaningless prayers every night.