Biografie Decision Points George W Bush

It’s been two years as George W. Bush is not a president of the United States. He had therefore plenty of time to write down his presidential and private life in his autobiography, which has just appeared and immediately became one of the most desirable positions in the U.S. and global book market.

Bush, in “Decision Points” talks about his addiction to alcohol and fight, he fought to run off from its clutches. In escaping the addiction his family and faith in God helped him a lot. But what’s most electrifying to the whole world is a confession of forty-third U.S. president on the war in Iraq, fighting terrorism and torturing prisoners accused of terrorism. Bush admits that he knew and allowed the torture, of some high-ranked Al Qaeda members, for example Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.
What’s more he says that the decision was not easy, but very much needed for global security and he hoped that the law, which he managed to push through in Congress authorizing such practices will not be rejected by successive presidents.
The whole book has five hundred pages, where there are also memories of childhood and entire presidency. However, the chapter on staying in the White House is the most discussed and analyzed. George W. Bush in the book also looks at the issue of the war in Iraq and that they failed to find the chemical weapons, the existence of which almost everyone believed, but was not detected.

However, as a plus of his presidency he points out the fact that he managed to overthrow the regime of Saddam Hussein, and that he himself was sentenced to death by an independent Iraqi court. You can also read about the decisions he had to take in the view of the situation in Afghanistan and Iran, how he fought with commencing financial crisis and the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina.