The wisdom of Tuscany - Ferenc Mate

Tuscany is a quiet, picturesque piece of the world in Italy. In a sentimental journey through this remarkable place takes us Ferenc Mate – a globetrotter. Mate during his life journey lived in , among others, in Hungary, New York or Canada. However, he settled down for good in Tuscany.

The reader has the impression that the author tries to explain why this part of Europe he chose for his new home. A major role is played by the title “wisdom” which is presented in the book as everyday life. Preparing traditional foods with natural ingredients that delight with rich flavors and aromas. Mutual assistance and kindness to both neighbors and complete strangers. No hurry, pursuing careers and money. All these phenomena, the author describes as a natural, non-academic wisdom of the people who live here.

Reading “The wisdom of Tuscany” we immediately move to this land in Italy. We can almost feel the smell of dinner being prepared, we can hear the buzz in the marketplace. Transparent and very illustrative descriptions allow such a sentimental journey to the nearby, and yet another world.

The reader compares his everyday reality with  life described in the book and falls into melancholy, a regret for something lost in busy, rushing to the front life.
This book is a great, relaxing tale of old, long-lost friend who talks in an interesting way about Mediterranean culture, traditions and people encountered. It is not reading an “empty” book, it tends to provoke reflection and a change, even a little, our lives. I highly recommend “The wisdom of Tuscany”, this is a book in which everyone can find something for themselves.